The Coloni FC188 was a Formula 1 racing built by the Italian motorsport team Coloni. It was used in the 1988 season of Formula 1. A revised version called Coloni FC188B was used until July 1989 . The FC188 and FC188B were the only cars used by Coloni that finished in Formula 1 racing. World Cup points were not achieved by the cars.

Description and Technology

The Coloni FC188 was a slightly reworked version of the FC187 . Among the most important changes included an extended wheelbase (by 20 mm), a revised suspension geometry and a new smaller cooler. The body is unchanged, only the engine cover was redesigned. Over the summer, Coloni revised the front and rear wings and the undercarriage. The power was derlivered by a Cosworth DFZ engine, it produced about 585 hp.

A total of three vehicles of the FC188 were made.

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