The Corona Sports Coupe was a concept car by Toyota shown at the 1963 Tokyo Motor Show. Although it used the Corona name, it shared little except for the suspension.

The body was similar to 2+2 coupes produced by many Italian design houses,with simple, clean lines instead of the more pronounced lines of the 1961 X concept car. Even the front indicators were demurely placed within the front grill next to a pair of single headlights instead of the more usual place under the bumper. The swage line started midway along the door, continued to the rear flanks and then raised up before flowing around the rear corners to form the top rear edge of the boot. Unlike other Toyota models of the time, horizontal rear indicators were used as part of the emerging trend in car design.

The engine was the 1897 cc 3R engine from the Crown with twin SU carburettors. Transmission was by a floor shift, 4 speed, fully synchronised manual gearbox. Top speed was 170 km/h