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The Eagle was a single-deck bus made by Crossley Motors between 1928 and 1930.

The Eagle was fitted with a Crossley 30/70 four-cylinder engine and was the company's first full-size PSV. The chassis was built for 32-seat bodywork. The chassis was 16 ft 7 1/2 in long with semi-elliptical leaf-springs all round.

The engine could produce 71 bhp at 2250 rpm and the top speed of the buses was 50mph. The bus was fitted with a 4 speed sliding mesh gearbox which was connected to the engine via a single plate dry clutch.

Only 82 forward control Eagle chassis were produced (with numbers 90000 to 90080) and one normal control (numbered 90101) Eagle was built. Two were built as double deckers and one was bodied as a van.

The Eagle chassis was priced at £970 in 1930.

Crossley Hawk[]

The Hawk was a shortened version of the Eagle designed for the coach market. The chassis was 5 ft 6 in long with semi-elliptical leaf springs all round.

Twelve Hawks were produced (numbered 90301 to 90312).

The remains of one Hawk survive.

The Hawk chassis was priced at £850 in 1930.