The Crossley PT42 was designed in 1946 on the basis of the DD42 chassis, it was in production until 1949.

It had a long-nose which was unusual for British Buses of the time. Shortened chassis of 17 feet 11 inches were used for the tractor bus. The engine was a HOE7 installed but with a modified cylinder head, whereupon the power of the motor increased. The bus was built under the order of the Dutch government.

The tractors were built at DAF. A total of 250 vehicles had been delivered.

The trailer seated 52 passengers with room for 28 standing. Until the early 1950s, however, the vehicles were withdrawn from the public transport system and used as mobile churches, meeting rooms, freight vehicles and other similar uses. Some of the vehicles were in the GDR and sold there by the where they were used until 1965 for use on site.

Thereafter, a portion of the vehicles were repaired fundamentally. The trailers have been rebuilt.