The Two-Litre Sports was a car made by Crossley between 1928 and 1934. It is unknown how many were built.

The engine (a six cylinder 1991cc unit) was conventional of the day, the valves were inline and they were actuated by pushrods working from a camshaft mounted relatively high in the cast-iron crankcase. The four bearing camshaft was driven by a chain that was connected to the front of the crankshaft, this also drove a secondary shaft that drove a magneto and a dynamo.

A torsional damper was also fitted at the front of the crankshaft after vibration problems were encountered in development. A single carburettor was fitted. The engine was connected to a four speed gearbox (later epicyclic) by a single plate clutch. The engine produced 61bhp and propelled the car to 77mph (124kmh).

The chassis was 10ft 3in and had semi-elliptical leaf springs all round. Cable and operated brakes were fitted on all four wheels and this was latter changed to Bendix cable operated brakes between 1933 and 1935.

The saloon cost £695 in 1933.