The DKW F2 is a front-wheel drive car, which was the successor to the 1932 DKW works F1 car.

The F2 was given the nickname of "Master Class 601" for effective advertising.

The car had a front transverse-mounted two-cylinder two-stroke in-line engine with displacement of 0.6 litres

The F2 had a 3-speed transmission with and a plywood monocoque chassis and subframe of U-profiles. Independent suspension on transverse leaf-springs in the front and rear were fitted. The car was available as 2-door convertible sedan or full convertible. The difference with the model F1 was the longer and more elegant body.

Starting in 1933, two new packages joined the lineup. One of them was called the "Empire Class" and was available until 1935. This had a modified engine to produce 18bhp. The other was the "Master Class 701", with a modified engine that could produce 20bhp.

The successor to the F2 was the DKW F5 and approximately 17,000 vehicles were built before the F2 went out of production.