The DKW F4 is a front-wheel drive car, which was made by DKW in 1934 as a successor to the F2.

The vehicle had the same 2-cylinder two-stroke mounted in-line engine of its predecessor which had a displacement of 0.7 litres and was mounted in the front. It developed 20 hp at 3500 rpm.

The car was fitted with a 3-speed transmission with lockable freewheel, ppower was delivered to the front wheels. The cars had a plywood monocoque chassis and subframe of U-profiles. It was fitted with shaftless suspension and transverse leaf-springs.

The body styles available were a two-door sedan, sedans or a convertible.

The difference between the F4 and the F2 was the somewhat rounder and more elegant body with rear-hinged doors.

About 7,000 cars were built before the introduction of the DKW F5 .