The DKW F91 was a car made by the Auto Union between 1953 and 1957.

The F91 debuted in March 1953 at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt.


From March 1953 to September 1955 57,407 limousines and coupes were produced in in Düsseldorf. Karmann also produced 1,550 two-and four-seat convertibles.

A three-cylinder engine (897 cc, 34 hp) was fitted with, which was transversely mounted in front of the front axle. The cooler (like the master class) was behind the engine and not behind the front grille. Other innovations were a steering wheel circuit and slanted telescopic shock absorbers at the rear of the floating axis. The car was fitted with a three-speed transmission (synchromesh on 2nd and 3rd gears) and the typical DKW freewheel.

Externally the F91 was different from its predecessor with a more elegant grille (with only five cross bars instead of nine) as well as the execution of a four-seat coupe with rear panoramic window. The coupe had fully retractable side windows, front and rear, with no B-pillar.