The DKW F93/94 are German passenger cars, which were made by the Auto Union from 1955 to 1959.


The F93 is different from F91 by having a more powerful engine, capacity of 906 cc which produced 38hp (at 4200 rpm), a 10 cm wider body, an evenly curved windshield and a chrome-edged, oval-shaped grille.

In February 1957 the model was revised and designated as the Type F94. The engine was tuned to give 40hp from the 906 cc unit and the grille was a fine-mesh grid. From September 1957 the car came with front-hinged doors. The acquisition of Auto Union by Daimler-Benz was reflected in the names.

From September 1955 to July 1959 a total of 137,800 vehicles were built, including 19,531 estate cars. Karmann built 667 two-and four-seat convertibles.

The body styles available included the two-door sedan (F93), the four-door sedan (F94), the luxury Coupe (F93)<, convertible (F93) and the universal three-door estate (F94U).