The D Sports Racing Imp was built in 1967 for the newly formed D Sports Racer classification (1 liter and under; slick tires). It is rather lightweight (950 lbs. / 430 kg) with a dark blue fibreglass body and aluminium wheels. There is nothing to the interior but a single seat and a 5 point harness.

It was constructed in southern California. Serial Number: Cal Club #19013. It is a one-of-a-kind. Cal Club was a racing club formed in the late 1960s and the number 19013 may reflect the thirteenth car registered in the club. In 1969 the builder updated the car with parts from Roger Nathan of London: a Number six cam shaft, full race carrier, new tappets, and a cam shaft dowel pin.

The details of its early years are currently unknown, but according to the remaining logbooks (1980-1991), the later years were spent racing throughout the West Coast. It has not run since 1991.

Purchased by Greg Jacobson's father: Philo Jacobson (southern California), summer of 2000 (Condition: "Decent. Complete, mothballed roller. Chassis needs restoration." The windscreen is missing, and so is the cockpit belly pan.).

Engine bay

  • It has an Imp unit and transaxle. The transmission is installed upside down (with a converter plate) to allow mid engine configuration.
  • Twin 1.50 SU carbs
  • Four branch exhaust manifold
  • Accupressure air storage tank
  • The accupressure system is actually an Accusump system. It is an emergency oil feed system that provides additional oil pressure should the oil pressure fall too low and also can be used as a pre oiling system at engine start up.
  • Halon system

Cooling System

  • External oil cooler
  • In-frame water system to front mounted radiator
  • Electric fan

Fuel System

  • Electric fuel pump
  • Fuel cell

Electrical System

  • Lucas distributor
  • Lucas alternator
  • Mallory coil
  • Brake lights
  • Main kill switch