1899 Daimler 12 HP

The 12hp was a veteran racing car manufactured by the Daimler Motor Company in 1899. It was based on the world's first four-cylinder vehicle.

The vehicle was fitted with a 4398cc water-cooled Phoenix inline-4 engine rated at 12 or 28 horsepower, and featured four-speed manual transmission. It generated 15 bhp (11.2 KW) of power at 720 rpm and had a specific output of 3.41 bhp per litre.

The automobile was capable of reaching up to 48.28 km/h (30 mph). In 1900, Daimler's factory driver, Wilhelm Bauer, suffered a fatal accident while racing the 12hp from Nice to La Turbie. It was later determined that the 12hp's design and poor handling caused the incident, and production of the vehicle ceased.