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1967 Daimler CVG6

The CV was a front-engined double-deck bus made by Daimler between 1946 and 1968.

Daimler was one of three manufacturers (the other two being Bristol and Guy) who were sanctioned to build double-deck bus chassis during the Second World War. Daimler's utility wartime model the CW, was to evolve into the post-war CV series in 1946. Variants of the CV continued in production until the closing years of halfcab production in 1968.

The bus came with a number of options. The ones were the CVG5 which had a Gardner 5LW engine and the CVG6 which had a Gardner 6LW or 6LX engine. Other options included the CVD6 which had a Daimler CD6 engine and the CVA6 which had an AECA173 engine. The CV series featured the Daimler standards of fluid flywheel and a pre-selector gearbox a though in the latter years of production there was the option of having a synchromesh gearbox. In 1950 Daimler had also introduced the so-called "new look" front with concealed radiator, initially to the requirements of Birmingham City Transport.