Daimler DR450 Limousine (1967) at Shugborough Hall Car Show, Milford, Staffordshire

Daimler DR450 Limousine (1967) by R. Knight on

The Daimler DR450 was a limousine based on the 4.5 litre V8 Majestic Major DQ450 saloon.

Although intended for the carriage trade or as a hire car for those needing something larger than a five-seater saloon, it was produced in almost the same numbers as the "Major" saloon itself.

It was also used as the basis for a hearse. The central seats, like those of other Daimler limousines, were not full seats but simple fold-down types without the thick cushions provided to the front and rear seats.

It featured a longer box section chassis than that of the "Major" saloon and a third window at the rear of the car. For special order, a landaulette version with an open top was built, notably for the King of Thailand. Compared to the Majestic and the "Major", the styling of the DR450 was even more dated as the rear side windows were less curved and more boxy. However, the powerful 4,561 cc (278 cubic inch) hemi-head engine meant the DR450 was only a little slower than the Majestic Major with a top speed of 180 km/h (112 miles per hour), and with powerful disc brakes, the car stopped very well despite weighing over 2,100 kg.

With the takeover of Daimler by Jaguar Cars Limited, the DR450 was the last "true" Daimler. It was produced until 1968, when it was replaced by the unitary construction Jaguar-based DS420 limousine. 864 cars came out of the Coventry factory.

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