The Dallara 3087 is a Formula 3000 car with which the BMS Scuderia Italia team competed in the first race of the 1988 Formula One season. Dallara did not have their planned 188 chassis ready for start the season.

However in order to fulfil its obligations to participate in the World Championship, a team had to participate in all races. So for the first race in Brazil the team brought the 3087, which was a Formula 3000 car, adapted to meet the FIA rules. It was equipped with a 3 litre Cosworth DFV engine; all other normally aspirated cars in Formula One had larger 3.5 litre engines. The car passed scrutineering and Caffi took part in pre-qualifying. He predictably finished in last place, 18 seconds slower than the pole position time of Ayrton Senna and did not qualify for the race. The 188 chassis fitted with the Cosworth DFZ 3.5 litre engine was ready for the next race in San Marino and was used for the remainder of the 1988 Formula One season. The Dallara 3087 holds the honour of being the last non-Formula One car to enter a Formula One Grand Prix.