The Datsun 10 was the first model made by Datsun.

The cars were originally called DATs (standing for the initials of the three investors Den, Aoyama and Takeuchi). The vehicle was designed by engineer Takayoshi Gotou.

DAT cars and trucks built in the 1920s, were quite large and were purchased by the upscale clientele. In 1929 DAT decided to offer smaller and cheaper cars. This led to Datson being born as the "son of DAT".

In 1930 the prototypes of the Datsun 10 were made. They were powered by a four-cylinder engine with a displacement of 495 cc. Maximum power was 10 hp, due to the weight of the car being only 400 kg, the car was quite fast.

The prototype had a polished aluminum hood, which, however, was painted in series production. The Datson 10 was not a success, only ten copies were sold in the first yea.

In 1931, production was significantly increased. Also in 1931, a hurricane destroyed the factory. Then the name was changed to Sun as a term for the sun rising in Japan.

After the re-establishment of production facilities the Datsun 11 was produced as the successor of the Datson 10.