The Datsun 13 is a car made between 1934 and 1935.

In April 1934, production of the 13 began. It had a revised front grille being slightly heart-shaped and made from chrome. The slots on the sides of the hood were no longer vertical, but at the same angle (10 degrees). For the first time there was now a truck version. Thus, there was an extensive model range of trucks, vans, sedan, cabriolet and roadster.

The engine and transmission were the same as the Datsun 12. The sedan had suicide doors and was very popular with taxi drivers. The Datsun 13 was the first car exported from Japan. In 1934, 44 units were exported. These were mainly to South Africa and Australia.

The chassis was built by the Tobata Casting in Osaka. In December 1933 Tobata Castings merged with Nihon Sangyo Co.

The Datsun 13 was built from April 1934 to March 1935 with a total of 880 vehicles being built. a

Datsun 13 Truck

The Datsun 13 Truck was the first model in a long and successful series of small commercial vehicles, based on the Datsun cars. The Datsun Truck 13 was based on the Datsun 13 but differed in appearance in many ways. Starting with the radiator grille, which was in contrast to the non-chrome Datsun 13, it was now completely vertical and made of steel. Thus, the truck had a longer bonnet.