The Datsun 14 was a car built by Datsun between 1935 and 1936.

The grille was the only significant difference to the previous Datsun 13. Technically, however the 14 had the new Datsun Type-7 engine, a four cylinder engine with a displacement of 722 cc. This engine was a bit smaller than the previous one, but with produced 15 hp more.

The Datsun 14 marked the culmination of the pre-war period of Datsun. It was produced using high quality materials. The cars that followed did not have the quality of the 14. In late 1935, Japan was at war with China and therefore, many of these quality materials became more difficult to acquire.

A total of 3800 cars were built with 53 being exported. The successor was the Datsun 15.

Datsun 14 Truck

The Datsun Truck 14 was derived from the Datsun 14. It received the same technical changes but with a longer and vertical hood grille. It was also produced at the new plant in Yokohama from 1935 until 1936.

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