The start of production of the Datsun 15 was in May 1936. Compared with the previous Datsun 14, it had a completely new body. Compared to the older model, the length increased from 2800 mm to 3187 mm and wheelbase increased from 1980 mm to 2005 mm. This meant mainly that the interior could be enlarged.

Due the war in Manchuria, it became increasingly difficult to obtain the necessary materials. For example, little chrome was used. The appearance of the front section was based on the shape of the then American cars.

Previously bumpers were only available as an extra, but there were standard on the Datsun 15. The engine had 722 cc and was the same as in the Datsun 14 but the compression ratio of 5.2 has been increased to 5.4. The power of 15 PS rose to 16 hp.

Datsun 15 Truck

The Datsun 15 truck grew in parallel the 15. The front end was equal to 13 and 14 Truck. Produced from 1936 to 1938. As a result of the war in Manchuria no truck model from the Datsun 16 was developed.

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