The Datsun 17 was a car made by the Japanese car manufacturer Datsun, it was introduced in April 1938.

It was the last model from the small-car line since the car production was largely stopped due to the outbreak of war.

The Datsun 17 was little more than a face-lifted version of the previous Datsun 16, the few changes contributed to the shortage of materials.

At the end of 1938, the last Datsun 17s were rolling off the assembly line.

Datsun 17 Truck

The Datsun Truck 17 was based on the Datsun 17. It was introduced in April 1938. It replaced the Datsun 15 truck. The 17 Datsun truck was not a revised version of the previous Datsun 14 truck. Most of the changes were more deterioration. Because of the war, many raw materials were hard to get. Therefore, the 17 truck was equipped sparsely. The vehicle was now only one colour to save resources. The engine was still the 722 cc four-cylinder Datsun Type 7 with an output of 16 hp. After the war, the design of the 17 truck was reused. The chassis and engine of the trucks were the basis of the Datsun 1121.