The Datsun 220 was a pickup that was made ​​from 1957 to 1961. It was the successor to the Datsun 120.

The car was equipped with a four-cylinder OHV engine with a displacement of 988 cc which produced of 37 bhp (27 kW). The engine power was transmitted through a four-speed gearbox to the rear wheels.

In 1959, the Datsun 222 became availabale. It received a bigger engine, being 1189 cc which produced ​​48 bhp (35 kW). In the last year of production the Datsun 223 became available. This had an improved 1.2-litre which delivered 60 bhp (44 kW).

In 1961 the model was replaced by the larger and more modern Datsun 320.

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