The Datsun DA was the first post-war car made by Datsun.

After the end of World War II, the Nissan Motor Company was hit hard financially. Much of the production was stopped in 1944 as many factories were damaged by bombing.

Due to the need for Japanese military vehicles, passenger car production was discontinued in 1938. Nissan began in 1946 with the preparations for the commencement of production.

Factories were rebuilt and repaired and the first post-war car from Datsun, the Datsun DA was designed. Due to material shortages and a lack of resources, this was a modified version of the pre-war model Datsun 17.

All the beautiful details of the pre-war models were gone, because chrome was not available. The grille was therefore steel plated with punched holes. Towards the end of production the car was redesigned and had a much more rounded shape. The engine was a 722 cc unit which produced 16 hp, coupled with a 3-speed manual transmission.

In 1948, the DA was replaced with the Datsun DS.