The Datsun DS was introduced in 1950 as the replacement for the Datsun DA and was based on the Datsun 4146 truck (it was basically a 4146 with a sedan body) and it used the grille from the 17T, except the center strip was chrome instead of painted; even the same engine was used, but was modified to produce 20 hp. The DS was in production until early 1951, when it was replaced by the Datsun DS-2.

Datsun DS-2

The Datsun DS-2 was released in 1951 and was completely redesigned with modern styling (the front end resembled a scaled-down Willys Jeep). The DS-2 was now based on the Datsun 5147 truck and the drivetrain was carried over from the DS. The DS-2 and later DS models were marketed as a less expensive (and basic) alternative to the more upscale DB. The DS-2 was known in Japan as the "Square Dandy" thanks to its square and boxy styling; the DS-2 was in production until 1952, when it was replaced by the Datsun DS-4.

Datsun DS-4

The Datsun DS-4 (the DS-3 designation was skipped) was released in 1952 and was the first four-door car (along with the DB-4) to have the Datsun name. The styling was a nightmare (it looked like five different cars put together). The drivetrain carried over from the DS-2, although the chassis was lengthened for the larger passenger compartment. The front doors were rear-hinged while the rear doors were front-hinged. The front end was similar to the DS-2 but with a different grille; the front of the hood spelled out "DATSUN" in individual chrome letters. The DS-4 was in production until late 1953, when it was replace by the Datsun DS-5.

Datsun DS-5

The Datsun DS-5 was released in 1953 and was the same as the DS-4 except for the engine, which was changed to the new 860cc D10 engine (basically a stroked Type 7 engine) producing 25 horsepower. The grille was changed sometime in 1954. The DS-5 was in production until 1954, when it was replaced by the completely redesigned Datsun DS-6.

Datsun DS-6

The Datsun DS-6 Convar was released in 1954 and was more modern and attractive compared to the DS-4 and DS-5. The DS-6 was based on the DS-5 and used its drivetrain. The front-end was unique with a flat panel (with "DATSUN" in individual letters) between the hood opening and the grille, which was oval-shaped that was split by the bumper bar. The trunk lid lifted up rather than folded down. The DS-6 was in production until December 1954, when it was replaced by the all new Datsun 110.