In 1980 the Davrian Mark 8 appeared, advertised as a competition-bred sports car based on the Chrysler Imp. This Davrian was sold as a full body/chassis unit (1430) to road, race or rally specification. It had the fibreglass monocoque construction with integral seats, fuel tanks and roll-over protection.

For competition use it was available with or without a sprayed finish and upholstery. Rolling units to various stages of completion could be specified, but the company did not supply complete cars. Primarily the car was based on Imp components: front and rear suspension wishbones, engine, gear change, foot pedals and handbrake. (other units could be fitted on request).

Evans tried to expand in other directions. The 'Dragon', an up-market Fiesta-powered version of the Mk B, had to fetch £5,322. Things did not work out. Davrian Developments ltd. went into receivership at the beginning of 1983. Voluntary Liquidation on 2nd February. Will Corry (Corry Car Company) in Northern Ireland bought the assets. It was managed by Tim Duffee and Gareth Atkinson, who were right away busy completing the many outstanding orders for the Mk 8 (Dragon).