The Delage D4 was a car produced from 1933 to 1934 by Delage.

The D4 was intended to revive a market sector neglected by Delage ever since ending production of the Type AM in 1921. The D4 therefore was in a range lower than the 2.7-liter D6 and the 4.1-liter D8, and just slightly lower than the 2.5-liter DS.

The D4 was built on a 2837mm chassis and equipped with a 4-cylinder 1481cc engine, capable of delivering a power up to 40 hp at 4200rev/min. The maximum speed was about 100km/h.

The D4 did not enjoy great success, due to the fierce competition in an industry where Delage had been missing for years, losing much of its weight. The audience prefered other cars such as the Peugeot 301, which was sold for cheaper and in much higher volume. Production was therefore stopped in 1934.

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