The D8 120 was a car made by Delage between 1936 and 1937.

Like many of Delage's contemporaries, the French company filed for bankruptcy halfway through the 1930s. Fortunately Delahaye stepped up and bought the assets. Production could continue and there was enough money available to develop a new model for 1936.

Although Mr Delage had officially parted ways with 'his' company, he kept a close eye on the products for a long time after the take over; he remained the spoke's person for the company. Many feared that the Delahaye take-over would result in Delage badged Delahayes. Especially the six cylinder engines were used for a wide variety of vehicles, but to the delight of many not in the new top-end Delages.

For that purpose a new eight cylinder power plant was developed, which shared some internals with the six cylinder engine, but obviously required a new block and head. Displacing just over 4.3 litres, the OHV 'eight' produced 95 bhp and a considerable amount of torque. A four-speed gearbox was fitted and the D8 120 had a top speed of 93mph (149.64kph)

After Delahaye bought Delage in 1935, the concentrated on releasing the D8 120. As a result many of the components were shared between the two firms. A highlight of the car was its new 8-cylinder engine which could produce 115 bhp at 4,000 rpm. Since the boxed-steel was quite low and the engine required a long hood, many of the various bodies fitted to the D8 120 had an elegant profile.

The D8 120 had a ladder frame chassis with drum brakes on the front and rear wheels. The chassis was 131.9in long had wishbone suspension in the front with transverse leaf springs. The rear had a live axle with semi-elliptical leaf-springs. Drive went to the rear wheels.

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