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The DS was a car high-end produced between 1930 and 1934 by the automaker French Delage.


With the launch of the DS, we wanted to propose a replacement for the Type DR, now in the list for a few years. The DS is well positioned at the base of the range, just below the D6, which was introduced in the same year.
The DS shared the frame with D6, and was then offered in two variants of the frame, with distances of 3149 and 3289 mm.
Compared to D6, the DS was fitted with a 6 -cylinder in-line 2517 cc, capable of delivering a power of up to 60 hp at 3500 rev / min. The maximum speed was about 110 km / h.
It was produced at 1070 units until 1934. To review its worthy replacement will have to wait until 1936, the year of commercialization of Delage DI, born under the new management Delahaye.