The Type AB, Type AD and Type AH were three cars at the high-end manufactured between 1910 and 1913 by Delage.


They were elegant cars for wealthy clients but not yet classified as luxury cars.

The cars were equipped with an engine with a displacement of 2.1 liters. In particular the Type AB was fitted with a 4-cylinder engine from Ballot with a displacement of 2121cc, capable of delivering a power output of 16 hp.

The Type AD was equipped with an engine from De Dion-Bouton. It was a 4-cylinder unit with a displacement of 2116cc with similar power statistic to those of the Type AB.

The cars were rear-wheel drive with power being transmitted through a three-speed gearbox. A four-speed gearbox was also available on demand.

At the end of 1910, the Type AD was removed from production, while the Type AB continued to be produced.

In 1912, the Type AH was introduced. It was a more handsome variant with a bigger engine. It was a 6-cylinder unit produced by Delage. The engine had a displacement of 2566 cc and was capable of producing 25 hp at 1600rpm. The engine was the first 6-cylinder produced by Delage.

The Type AB and Type AH continued to be produced until 1913.

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