The Type BI and Type BK are two cars produced between 1915 and 1918 by Delage.


These two cars respectively replaced the earlier Type AI and Type AK inheriting their respective chassis. The chassis of the Type BI was only available with a length of 2989 mm, unlike the previous Type AI that was available in two sizes. The Type BK was available with two different wheelbases. These were either 2989mm or 3401 mm.

The engines were identical to those of Type AI and AK. The Type BI was fitted with the 4-cylinder 2297cc unit that produced 24 hp, while the Type BK was fitted with 6-cylinder in-line 2669cc unit capable of delivering 27 hp.

The Type BI was taken out of production in 1917, while the Type BK was taken out of production in 1918.

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