The Type C and Type D were two cars in the medium-low range produced from 1906 to 1910 by Delage.


These two cars introduced in 1906 represented the lower mid-range market of cars produced by Delage. The Type C and Type D appealed to a wide customer base, thanks to their smaller engines compared to that of the Type A. With their smaller engine, the Type C and Type D now belonged to the 6CV French tax group whereas the Type A was in the 9CV group. This helped many people save money on taxes.

This placed the Type C and D as the heirs of the Type B, rather than as a vehicle belonging to a new niche: it also demonstrated the fact that they initially placed side by side and then replaced the Type B itself.

The engine of the Type C and Type D was a single-cylinder De Dion-Bouton engine with a displacement of 697cc, capable of delivering 7.5 hp.

The Type C was produced during 1906 only, whilst the Type D was produced until 1910, when it was removed from production.They were the last low-end cars produced by Delage. From 1910 onwards, the models that followed became more and more powerful, expensive and exclusive.

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