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The Type CO and Type GS were two cars luxury produced between 1917 and 1924 by the automaker French Delage.


With the launch of the Type CO, in 1917, the Delage began in fact in the field of luxury cars. The Type CO was assembled exclusively in the establishment of Levallois, since the production of the other factory in Courbevoie was converted for military purposes.

The Type CO was built on a new chassis, designed specifically for the cars belonging to the segment of luxury that Delage was about to "colonize". It was available in two wheelbases: 3467 and 3710 mm, and you could have on request in various bodies, including the torpedo and the coupe de ville.

The Type CO rode a motor to 6 cylinders of the engine capacity of 4524 cc, capable of delivering a power of up to 72 hp at 2400 rev / min.

The traction was back and the change was manual 4-speed transmission. The braking system was fitted with drum brakes on all four wheels. The maximum speed was 114 km / h.

The Type CO was removed from production in 1921, after being sold in 1390 copies, and was replaced by the Type GS, who shared chassis and mechanicals with its predecessor and was also available in two wheelbase measures. The only difference was in the engine, which this time came to deliver maximum power of between 80 and 85 hp, thus pushing the car to a top speed of 120 km / h.

This model was sold until the end of 1922 in only 100 copies and was replaced in early 1923 by Type CO2, which maintained a car chassis and mechanicals of the first two models, but he intended to ask yourself, as well as their heir, as luxury version of the Delage DI, which was launched in the same year. The values ​​for maximum power and speed performance of the Type CO2 coincided with those of the Type GS.

Type the production of CO2 was removed in 1924 after being produced in only 20 copies.