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The Type DE and 2LS and Series A were a family of cars produced between high-end 1921 and 1928 by the automaker French Delage.


These large family cars to witness the shooting of Type BI, taken out of production in 1918.

The first model to be launched was the DE Type, a car with generous dimensions, but mainly by step rather developed (3241 mm), in order to facilitate their interior roominess. In fact, it was the largest and most spacious among the cars belonging to the entire family.

The Type ED was mounting a motor to 4 cylinders from 2116 cm ³, an engine result from stock funds of the French and somewhat elderly as design, since it was used over ten years ago to equip Type AD. This engine delivered power up to 32 hp at 2800 rev / min. The distribution was to camshaft in the crankcase side. The change was a 4-speed transmission. The maximum speed was over 90 km / h. Despite the length of the project of the engine, the car met with some success and was produced until 1923 in 3266 copies.

Meanwhile, he was introduced in 1922 a sports model called Type 2LS: new engine was fitted with a 4-cylinder 2-liter capable of delivering 75 bhp of maximum power, a substantial value for the time, achieved thanks to the adoption (for first time in the history of Delage) of distribution camshaft in the head. It was built on a shortened wheelbase, equal to 3022 mm and despite the undoubted technological innovations was produced in 2 specimens.

In 1923 came the heir instead of Type DE, namely Type A, the founder of the Series DI.Montava a 4-cylinder 2121 cc capable of developing a maximum power of 36 hp at 3000 rev / min. Delage was the best-selling in history, with its 9284 copies.

Together with the Type A were also launched the Type DIC and the Type DIS: the first was a version of the Type A intended for the colonial troops in the countries of the third world and shared with the Type A both the frame and mechanics.

The Type DIS was instead a sports version with chassis 2LS. Was equipped by the same engine as the Type A, but revised so as to provide a maximum power of 50 hp.

In addition, from 1924 to 1926 was also marketed the Type DISS, even sportier version, derived from Type DIS and with modifications to the chassis.

In 1928, the Type A, Type the DIC and the Type DIS were removed from production. These were the final production numbers realtivi to Serie A:

  • Type DI: 9284
  • Type in December: 442
  • Type DIS: 983

It is not known however the number of specimens in which it was produced the Type DISS.

The abbreviation DI would still have been resumed in 1936 with the introduction of Delage DI (also often called Type A).

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