The Type DM was a luxury car produced between 1926 and 1929 by Delage.


In 1926, the DM range was launched. It was not a single model, but a whole range consisting of three variations.

The DM range was introduced to take the place of the Type DO which had now been out of production for six years.

The DM range was available in two body styles, namely a sedan and a limousine. These were then divided into three models. Two of these were the Type DM and Type DMN, which differed among themselves by the length of the chassis. Both were equipped with both a 6-cylinder in-line engine with a displacement of 3181cc that produced 62 hp at 3200rpm.

The most expensive model was the Type DMS. This was fitted with the same engine as the Type DM and Type DMN but it had a maximum power output of between 75 and 80 hp. It was also built on a considerably shortened wheelbase to help enhance the agility of the car.

The braking system included drum brakes on both axles, a manual 4-speed gearbox was fitted and the cars were rear-wheel drive.

As for performance, the maximum speed for the Type DM and Type DMN was 115 km/h and 125 km/h for the Type DMS.

The Type DM range was removed from production in 1929 and was replaced with the Delage D8 and the Delage D6.