The Type E, Type F and Type G were three cars in the medium-low range produced from 1907 to 1910 by Delage.


In 1907, the Type E and Type F were launched as successor of the Type A, the first car produced by Delage. The Type E & F had a different from that of their predecessor.

The Type E and Type F were initially fitted with a single-cylinder De Dion-Bouton engine which had a displacement of 942cc. The engie was capable of delivering up to 10.5hp.

In 1908, and only for that year a new model, the Type G was introduced. This was a car equipped with a two-cylinder with a capacity of 1206cc that was capable of delivering 12.5bhp.

At that time, the range offered by Delage was comprised of the Delage Types C and D at the low end, the Types E, F and G in the medium-low eng and the Types H, J, L and M in the medium-high end. The luxury cars for which Delage become famous for were still yet to come.

In 1910 was the last year of production of the Type E and F. In this year the engine in the Type F was upgraded from a 942cc unit to a 1021cc one. This was carried out to help differentiate the Type F from the Type E.

At the end of that year both cars were taken out of production.

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