The Type GL and Type GLS were two luxury cars produced between 1924 and 1929 by Delage.


The Type GL was introduced in 1924, intended to serve as a replacement to the Type CO2.

The engine of Type GL underwent a considerable increase in capacity compared to that of its predecessor in order to be competitive in the luxury car sector. The engine was a 6-cylinder unit with a capacity of 5954cc. The maximum power output of the engine was 100 hp in the Type GL. The Type GL was able to compete with the Mercedes 15/70/100 PS and outclass prestigious cars such as the Renault Type JY and Type MG.

The Type GL was available in two wheelbases, one which was 3.67 m long and one which was 3.89 m. It was produced until 1926, after which he was replaced by the Type GLS. It was a more casual and sportier car. The Type GLS was built on a shortened wheelbase (3429 mm) and fitted with a more powerful engine which produced 130 bhp.

Only 180 Type GLs and 20 Type GLSs were made.