Delage R Type (1910) Engine 1498cc, at the 2011 Prescot VSCC Hillclimb, Gothrington, RK

Delage R Type (1910) Engine 1498cc, at the 2011 Prescot VSCC Hillclimb, Gothrington, by Robert Knight -

The Type R and Type T were two mid-size cars produced by French automaker Delage from 1911 to 1913.


The origins of these two cars can be traced, however, a year earlier, the year in which the French company decided to sell two models that would serve as a "buffer" in anticipation of the launch of the final Type R and Type T.

These models were officially referred to as Type AC and Type AE.

The first was equipped with a four-cylinder engine from Ballot, a French automaker active in the early decades of the twentieth century. This engine had a displacement of 1460 cc and generated up to 15 hp. The Type AE was fitted with a De Dion-Bouton instead of the original engine, always four-cylinder with a cylinder capacity of 1328 cc. The maximum power, in this case, was 13 CV.

The Type AC and Type AE were marketed only in 1910, the time to finalize the definitive Type R and T, whose launch was held the following year.

The Type R and Type T used basically the same engines as the Type AC and Type AE did, respectively.

The company resumed the legacy of the mid-size family car with a series consisting of Types H, J, L and M, but was going to only replace the versions with smaller displacement, since the larger displacement versions were replaced instead by Type AB, AD and AH.

With the launch of the Type R and T, a version called Type TR was also introduced, fitted with the same engine as the Type R. Production of this car ceased in 1912.

The production of the Delage Types R and T was ended in 1913.

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