The Type U was a car of the medium-low range produced between 1910 and 1911 by Delage.


The Type U was introduced to replace the Type E, F and G. It was placed in competition with cars that had already established themselves such as the Renault AX, which had already become very famous in France for its reliability.

The car was firstly fitted with a single-cylinder engine from De Dion-Bouton that has a capacity of 942cc, capable of delivering a power of up to 8.5 hp. Later, this engine was replaced with another single-cylinder unit with a capacity of 952cc.

The Delage Type U was the last car in the medium-low range produced by Delage. In 1911 it was taken out of production. From then, only room mid-sized cars, medium-high range, and high-end cars were produced..

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