The Delahaye 148 was a luxury car produced between 1948 and 1951 by the French automaker Delahaye.


The 148 was introduced to begin to renew the Delahaye range after the war, despite having few resources available. It was a luxury car that shared the mechanics of the Delahaye 135. The lines of the car were typical of a round and massive car in the mid- forties. The engine was a 3557cc 6-cylinder in-line unit, capable of delivering a maximum power of 100 hp at 3800 rpm. The car was rear-wheel drive and fitted with a manual 4-speed transmission.

Unfortunately, in the immediate postwar period, it was the worst time to produced a luxury car, only a few brands could afford to commercialise. Thus, the 148 did not meet with much success, and in 1951 was taken out of production.