The Delahaye 165 is a one-off 2-seater roadster from 1938, built by the French manufacturer Delahaye. The car was and designed by French Figoni & Falaschi. It represented France at the International Exhibition of New York 1939/1940.


This vehicle has a smaller chassis and the 4496cc V12 engine from the Delahaye 145 of 1937. The engine produced 240 bhp. It was unveiled at World Paris Motor Show in 1938 and intended to represent France in the French pavilion at the International Exhibition in New York 1939/1940 . It was presented without its V12 engine as it was not completed in time, but gained great public attraction.

Upon its return to France, the vehicle was stuck in US Customs for eight years until 1946 due to the outbreak of World War II. It then changed hands by means of private owners, to Beverly Hills (where it was equipped with a V8 Cadillac engine). It then went to New York, Honolulu and Fresno.

In 1985 the American billionaire Peter Mullin bought the car as a wreck. He completely restored the car over eight years and fitted it with its V12 engine. This vehicle is currently one of the most beautiful parts of the Peter Mullin Collection.