The Dennis Pelican was a coach made by the Dennis Brothers in 1956, only one was built.

In the mid-1950s in Britain, a trend began, towards buses having an underfloor mounted engine. The advantages of this arrangement were larger seating capacity, ease of entry and exit for passengers, better weight distribution and easier access to mechanical components. This resulted in savings of maintenance costs.

Dennis wanted to complement its newly developed sub-floor buses with a light model developed and so they developed the Pelican. It used a horizontally mounted six-cylinder diesel engine with a capacity of 5500cc. This engine was developed by Dennis and delivered 92bhp.

The body design came from Duple Coachbuilders and was designed for 44 seats. Dennis however, saw no hope for the model due to the highly competitive market against Leyland and AEC. Due to this, the bus did not make it to mass production.

The vehicle was used by Yellow coaches in Guildford, who later sold it.