The Dodge 30-35 was an American car built by the Dodge Brothers. It was the first car built by the company and was introduced on 14 November 1914.

The car had a side-valve four-cylinder engine with a displacement of 3479cc. The engine gave a powerboutput of 35bhp (25.7 kW). This displacement corresponded to 30 taxable horsepower, which explains the name 30-35.

A leather cone clutch and a three-speed transmission (with floor shift) converted the power and sent it to the rear wheels. The rear wheels were mechanically braked.

In the short 1914 model year, there was only a four-door tourer and as of January 1915 there was an additional two-door roadster (with two seats) made available. At this time, electric lighting become standard.

In July 1916 the 30-35 was replaced by the Model 30. A total of 116,400 cars were made during its production run, which also include 150 for the U.S. Army who used them in the pursuit of the Mexican bandit Pancho Villa.