The Dodge Beauty Winner (or Dodge D2 Series) was an automobile manufactured by the Detroit-based Dodge company from November 1935 to 1936, as a successor of the New Value. It was eventually replaced by the D5 Series.

The car, like its predecessors, was equipped with a 3569cc inline six-cylinder side-valve engine capable of generating 87 bhp (64 kW) of output at 3600 rpm. It featured a single dry plate clutch, three-speed transmission, and rear-wheel drive. Upon request, a semi-automatic transmission was also available.

The Beauty Winner was available with two wheelbases. The chassis of most bodies had a 2946 mm wheelbase, and the only body style that differed was the seven-seater limousine, which had a 3251 mm wheelbase. The two- and four-door sedans were offered in a "normal" version (without a trunk) and "touring" version (with hatchback and a rear-connected trunk). Two different variants of the two-door coupe were also offered, a business coupe and R/S, and two versions of the convertible were sold, one with two seats and one with four. For businesses, a four-door delivery sedan was also available.