The Dodge DP Series was a car made by Dodge and was introduced in January 1933. It was the successor of the DK Series and had been completely revised.

The car had a side-valve six-cylinder engine with a capacity of 3299cc. Compared to that of its predecessors, the bore on the DP Series had been reduced by 1/8in. The engine gave an output of 75bhp (55 kW) at 3,400rpm. At the customer's request, a 81bhp (60kW) engine could be fitted. Power was transferred through a single dry clutch and a three-speed transmission (with floor shift) to the rear wheels.

The wheelbase of the chassis was 2826 mm. Bodies available included a two-door sedan, a four-door sedan (each as normal version and "Salon Bougham"), a two-door coupe (with two or four seats) and a two-door convertible.

The DP chassis was also available (with all mechanical components) for customers who wanted to use an out-of-shop coachbuilder.

From April 1933 the wheelbase was extended to 2,921mm and the four-door saloon Brougham sedanwas dropped from the lineup.

In January 1934 the Special DS Series and Deluxe DR Series replaced the DP Series.