The Dodge New Value (or Dodge DU series ) was an automobilemade by Dodge, which was presented as a successor to the Special and Deluxe in January 1935.

The car had a side-valve inline six-cylinder engine with a capacity of 3569cc. The power output was 87bhp (64 kW) at 3,600prm. Power was transferrerd through a single dry plate clutch and three-speed transmission derlivering power to the rear-wheels.

The New Value was available with two wheelbases. The highest number of bodies were built on the 2946mm chassis. The seven-seater and five-seater sedan "Caravan" sedan were built on the larger 3,251 mm wheelbase. The bodies had been revised and how had a narrow, sloping back grille and a more raked windscreen and were more streamlined.

As a new all-steel bodies were offered including a two or four-door sedan in which each in the "Normal" version (without the boot) and the "Touring Version" (with had an attached rear hatchback and trunk). There were also two different two-door coupes (Business and R/S) and a two-door convertible on the short chassis (which came as an R/S Coupe or Cabriolet) and were fitted with either two or four seats. The chassis was also available (with all the mechanical components supplied) for those customers who wanted to use a coachbuilders to make their own custom body.

The car was offered with an automatic start (semi-automatic choke ), power steering and opening front windscreen.

In November 1935 the successor to the New Value was introduced, it was called the Dodge Beauty Winner.