The Dodge Omni 024 was a modified version of the popular Dodge Omni made from 1979 to 1982. Analogous to the VW Scirocco, this car was a lower, sportier version of the Chrysler/Simca Horizon, using the 4-door's floor pan and chassis as a basis.

It used the same chassis and engine options as the Omni but had a fastback and a new front fascia. The base engine was a 1.7 L Volkswagen inline four producing 70 hp (52 kW), with a 2.2 L, 84 hp (63 kW) Chrysler inline four as an option beginning in 1981. For the first year, the wheels were painted in the exterior color, and had a folding back seat. The car's looks promised more performance than the engine could deliver, and the car was not as practical as the Omni. Both the Omni and Horizon prefixes were dropped for 1981, making them the "024" and "TC3", respectively.

The 024 did not sell well and was renamed as the Dodge Charger for the 1983 model year. The 024 had a twin called the Plymouth Horizon TC3. (The name "TC3" may have referred to the car being a Touring Coupe with 3 doors.) It, too, was renamed in the 1983 model year: to the Plymouth Turismo.

In its last year, many parts from the 024 and TC3 were recycled into the Dodge Rampage and Plymouth Scamp pickup trucks. This included the chassis, engine and front fascia.

The 024 was also the basis of the 1980 Dodge DeTomaso and Plymouth Turismo TC3. They featured De Tomaso designed trim and wheels, but the standard drivetrain.

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