Dodge Topless Charger

Dodge Topless Charger -

The Dodge Topless Charger concept car from 1968 began life as a standard 1968 Charger R/T.

Chief stylist for the Chrysler Corporation, Elwood P. Engel used the roofless Charger as an evaluation in styling. The Charger’s roof was cut down to the belt line, while a short windshield kept and debris from the occupants faces.

In order to maintain a sleek clean image the door handles were removed and the rear seating area was covered with a roadster hard-shell boot.

The white with blue trimmed Charger had its bumpers de-chromed and painted body color (white). The hood and trunk lid were both painted non-glare black.

Additional sport features included perforated stainless alloy steering wheel, cone-styled side view mirrors, custom racing wheels, finned side pipes, locking hood pins, and dual quick fill gas caps.