The B-Type is a kit car made by Dutton between 1971 and 1974.

The B-Type was the second kit car produced by Dutton, following on from the Dutton P1. It was now made mainly from fibreglass panelling instead of aluminium side panels.

The B-type was Triumph Herald/Spitfire based and used the running gear, suspension and engine. The body was made completely from fibreglass except from the sides, floors and footwells which were made from aluminium.

The car had tail lights and sidelights borrowed from the Bedford CF. The B-Type also had indicators on the side of its nosecone. In January 1973, the option of having a Ford Anglia van rear axle with 4 link arrangement and Lotus 7 rear coil spring/shock absorber unit became available, this became standard on all B-Types from late 1973.

The B-Type was superseded by the B Plus in 1974.

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