1939 ERA C-Type

1939 ERA C-Type

The ERA C-Type was a racecar built by ERA in 1939. Two cars were made.

The cars were fitted with a 2 Litre inline six-cylinder engine that was able to produce 240bhp at 7,500rpm.

The cylinder heads were made of aluminium with two inclined overhead valves per cylinder operated by short pushrods from two high set camshafts.

The cylinder block and crankcase were both made from cast iron.

The crankshaft was made from forged steel and had three main bearings.

The cars were fitted with one spark plug per cylinder and a Lucas Magneto.

A single SU carburettor and a Zoller supercharger were fitted.

A Wilson four-speed pre-selector gearbox connected to bevel drive rear axle via a prop-shaft enclosed in a torque tube was also fitted.

The cars were fuelled on a mix of Methanol, Benzol, Petrol and Acetone.

The car had a box section frame and a 96in wheelbase. The cars were fitted with Porsche type trailing arm suspension with transverse torsion bars and Girling Luvax hydraulic shock absorbers. Lockheed hydraulic brakes were fitted to the cars.

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