The ERA G-Type was a new 1.5-litre Formula Two car which was raced in the 1952 World Championship, which was the first season that had been run to Formula Two rules.

The car used a Bristol engine. Stirling Moss drove it, but results were disappointing.

Moss said: "It was, above all, a project which made an awful lot of fuss about doing very little. By this time I was very disillusioned by the Clever Professor approach to racing car design. I would eventually learn that even the most brilliant concept could fail if the team concerned lacks the manpower and organization and money to develop the inevitable bugs out of it."

Johnson sold the project to Bristol, who used the car as the basis for an assault on Le Mans that would bring them several class wins in the mid-1950s, and focused the company on research and development (R&D) engineering. He eventually sold it to Zenith Carburettor Ltd, which was then purchased by Solex, another carburettor firm.

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