The America was a car built by millionaire Sterling H. Edwards between 1953 and 1955. Only six were ever made and one was a convertible.

The America was built on Oldsmobile running gear by engineer Norman Timbs.

Sterling Edwards envisioned the American as an alternative to Italian sports cars like the Cisitalia and Ferrari.

It borrowed much of its design from the Ferraris designed by Vignale but was slightly larger in every dimension. The America had a large rectangular eggcrate grille, instrument panel featuring contemporary Oldsmobile dials and gauges, full leather upholstery and stock 1952 Mercury tail lights.

But Edwards' tiny facilities and time-consuming hand-construction methods help production back. Only five more Edwards Americas would be completed. Two received Lincoln's 205-bhp, 317.5-cid V8 engines and the other three ran with 210-bhp 1953-spec Cadillac 331s. All rode a Mercury station wagon chassis sectioned to a 107-inch wheelbase, providing greater rigidity.

All of the 6 cars built were custom made for their first owner.

The America was delivered at a target price of $4,995.