The Eifelland March E21 (also called the Eifelland Type 21) was a Formula 1 racing car raced by Eifelland in the 1972 season. It was developed, built and campaigned during this year to win the Grand Prix.

A March 721 was acquired in 1971 by Günther Hennerici, the owner of the team. Hennerici commissioned the German designer Luigi Colani, to build a new body for the vehicle. The chassis consisted entirely of curved lines and the car proved from the outset poorly mobile. When the first test drives with the car starter, the team quickly realised that the March chassis were inconsistent with the Colani chassis.

The debut at the Grand Prix of South Africa, a March- ear and front wing had to been mounted so that the car received enough downforce. The curved edge of the cockpit remained, but until the middle of the season it had been converted several times because the engine had overheating issues. One important detail of the car, which officially became the Eifelland Type 21 at the start, was the central rear-view mirror, which was mounted just ahead of the driving edge. Rolf Stommelen said this mirror was a useful tool.

There were no great successes with the vehicle, but Stommelen reached eight starts. Hennerici sold his racing company in the summer of 1972 and lost the lust of the Motorsport, the end of the team was inevitable. The Austria Grand Prix was the last race of the Eifelland team in the Formula 1 World Championship.